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Branch Manager

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Job: a branch manager

Number of recruits: 3

Minimum education: Junior College

Age: 25-40

Work experience: more than 5 years of experience in the industry

Salary: 100 thousand + years

Welfare: five social insurance and one housing fund

1, according to the overall strategy of the company to formulate the annual operating index of the branch and carry out analysis and implementation.

2. Establish the management system of the branch and make a good control and plan for the risk, and do a good job of all kinds of security work (personnel, goods, vehicles and reservoir areas).

3. It is responsible for nomination of the personnel of the branch and doing a good job of team building and talent training

4. Responsible for the position and business process of the branch

5. Responsible for the business performance objectives of the company (turnover index, profit index, customer satisfaction index)

6. Cooperate with finance to do business refunds and cost control

7. Responsible for the performance assessment and performance guidance of the employees in the sub company

8. It is responsible for the development and expansion of the branch business

9. Regularly convene department meetings and report on operation

10, actively cooperate with the other business departments of the company to carry out the business and provide rationalization proposals for the operation of the other departments of the company

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