Emergency plan

Vehicle traffic accident

The first time for the driver to protect the scene, the company and the alarm call, contact the insurance and rescue companies to ensure that the receiving party is not subject to loss;
The operator is in contact with the customer and the receiving party within 20 minutes to inform the accident situation.
In two hours, the team emerged and arrived at the site, and the final report on the accident was sent to the customer.

Rain and snow weather

The driving speed is reduced and the emergency steering and emergency braking are avoided in the rain and snow days. The winter to ensure strict cover thickness, prevent frozen goods, in case of heavy rain should choose a safe place to park.
The safety distance between the vehicle and the front car should be kept 100 meters. The vehicle equipped with anti-skid equipment. If necessary, install the skid chain on the tire to enhance the adhesion performance and ensure the safe driving of the vehicle.

Vehicle self failure

When a problem occurs, the condition of a vehicle is overhauled. If it may exceed the time of arrival, a rescue call is called within 20 minutes to inform the operator.
To inform the operator of the cause of the failure, the operator will give the actual situation to the customer immediately.
Wait for the rescue or contact repair plant to carry out a vehicle fault inquiry. The dispatcher dispatched the spare vehicle in time within two hours and arrived at the scene to complete the transportation task.

Shortage, loss, error

When unloading, if the number of actual unloading is not consistent, the operator informs the farmer of the mountain spring within 10 minutes, and the negotiation is recounted with the receiving party.
Find out the reasons, if the driver lost during driving, the driver is in current loss of the loss of goods, to appease the customer.
If the goods are shipped in the wrong way, the restocking measures shall be determined by the customers, and the return, delivery or other measures are taken.