Shipping chartering / booking

China Shipping Agency, and in the sea, Nakatani Shinra, perennial Sinotrans, Yangpu Zhongliang, Ningbo Lixin and many other shipping companies to maintain close cooperation, routes, fast route booking, shipment time diversity, precision, and insurance, Taiping

Foreign insurance, China joint property insurance, land property insurance, Ping An insurance and many other insurance companies form a partnership, the goods are insured, so that the real customer satisfaction, rest assured.

Direct shipping business process


Each week in Yingkou, Dalian, Qingdao and other ports open self spelling business. The goods are collaged to our company at the same time, and also provide full service such as transport, warehousing, B2C order distribution and so on.

Provide the best freight - docked quality service providers - shipping booking - pre - loading comprehensive service - multi port coverage - exclusive service support!


Contact the business department of inland transportation inquiries - + declaration - FOB port of shipment, maritime transport, port of destination customs clearance receipt