Yingkou Logistics Co., Ltd.

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development history

In 2002 to obtain the relevant qualifications, the establishment of Yingkou Logistics Co. ltd.. The establishment of the Northeast transportation department responsible for national storage goods transportation task.

In 2008, a set of supporting management system was established to complete the transformation of information system.

In 2012, the company's development strategy transfer, put forward to the supply chain logistics transformation, clear development direction, do enterprise matching logistics, into the enterprise, as enterprise transportation steward.

In 2013, we obtained the qualification of import and export of goods and technology, and expanded the field of international logistics.

In 2015, farmer spring won the bid, and in January 1st, Jingyu branch was set up.

In July 7, 2016, the establishment of Shenyang office, in July 20th, the establishment of Peng Hua auto repair factory.

2017 glories!